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Looking for custom sneakers? looking for a place to get your sneakers repainted, cleaned, redesigned or restored to their store bought look? or maybe you're looking to get your own design on a shoe, Well look no further because this is the website for you. Here at DG Tuber's, you will be able to get your very own custom pair of sneakers, phone cases, heels you name it, get your sneakers restored to their store-bought look, If you would like to get a certain pair of sneakers with a certain design, chat with me below in the chat box, also If you want to see the full Catalog of all the customs items that I've made so far click on the catalog button above or click here, I also have a new release of My NEW gift cards and a new pair of sneakers that I'm sure you will love just click here for the sneakers and click here for the gift cards.


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Hello, I am DG Tuber, And I would like to tell you about my business and what it is that I do, I take plain shoes new or used and turn them into something that has more eye-popping designs that are simple and out of this world, and I also do shoe restorations for anyone who wants their shoes to look like what they used to when you first purchased them as well as making your old beat up shoes and making them look like a completely brand new shoe, like if you wanted to turn your air forces into a rare shoe

I started this business because I wanted to take my love of shoes and my love of art and put the two together to make my own business out of it so that I can share my skills to the world and I also wanted to start this business because I wanted to have a way to make money doing what I love to pay for things that I've always wanted for myself and for the people I know and love.

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